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C Pearls (Book) Rs.330.00
C Pearls (Book)

by Yashavant Kanetkar

To generate a new idea one has to see a lot of good ideas. C Pearls consists about 50 of them. Learning features of C in isolated forms is one thing, putting all these features together to come out with something worthwhile is a totally different cup of tea. In this book you would find a lot of solid workable code which would help you appreciate why C enjoys its place in the sun. Here you would find code which would help you implement ideas like. Freehand Drawing with Mouse. Data Compression. Formatting a Disk. Using Expanded Memory. Loading Installable Fonts. Function Documentor. Setjmp and Longjmp. Touch, rm and getopts. Generic Search Routines. Bresenham's Algorithms. Inexact String Comparisons. Background Music. Common Pointer Errors. EXE2BIN Utility. Testing Programs. Redirecting Standard Errors. and many more... If you can siphon some of the pearls from this treasure chest into yours programs the purpose of writing this book would be served.

Table Of Contents

  • Interaction with Mouse
  • Drawing with Mouse
  • Building Mouse Courses
  • More Mouse Courses
  • Freehand Drawing with Mouse
  • Menu Using Mouse
  • How The Format Command Really Works
  • Writing Our Own Format Command
  • Load Installable Fonts
  • More About Installable Fonts
  • A Line Inpput Function
  • Setjmp and Longjmp
  • Advanced Command Line Processing
  • Debugging Using Command Line Switch
  • Allocating Multiple Char Arrays
  • The Touch Utility
  • A Generic Search Routine
  • rm Unix Style
  • Bresenham's Line Drawing Algorithm
  • Bresenham's Circle Drawing Algorithm
  • The Fractal Magic
  • Fractle Trees
  • Inexact String Comparisons
  • Redirecting Standard Errors
  • Changing Border Colours
  • Modifyinng Search Path
  • Building Arrays in Expanded Memory
  • Floating Point Formats Not Linked
  • Pointer Errors
  • Getting Input in Graphics Mode
  • Using Floats in ISR's
  • Playing Music
  • Music in Background
  • Printing Graphics
  • Trapping Disk Errors
  • Implementing Complex Number
  • EXE2BIN Utility
  • Variably Dimensioned Arrays
  • Calculating Wasted Bytes on Disk
  • Function Documentor
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Testing Programs
  • The Duff's Device
  • Stripping Comments
  • Building Labraries
  • A Simple Program
  • A Data Entry Function
  • Data Compression
  • A Simple Optimization Tip
  • Another Optimization Tip
  • Nested for Statements

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 18 November, 2006.
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